made X modern

I have been making things for as long as I can remember. I would spend late nights making matching puff paint sweatshirts with my mom at our dining room table. I used to scour flea markets to find the perfect old piece of furniture to transform (until my husband pointed out that we had enough side tables). I lovingly made all of our wedding decorations and stationary (along with every other party we’ve thrown). I’ve made hundreds of thousands of gold animal place cards and table numbers for brides all over the world, until I realized I probably shouldn’t be using spray paint while pregnant. I love making and decorating cakes for friends and family. When we decided to grow our family, I immediately started imagining lazy summer days painting and coloring with our kiddos, making halloween costumes, and planning birthday parties. I honestly feel a little stir crazy if I’m not doing something creative with my hands, and I love the thought that what I have made could inspire or bring joy to someone else’s life.