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Valentine's Day Books

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If I can be honest, I’ll find any excuse to add more books to Olivia’s library and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Now, I didn’t want to just fill her shelves with cutesy themey books that scream Valentine’s Day (I see you end cap at Target). I wanted use this as a way to empower Olivia (even at a young age) to know that she has value, worth, and that she belongs here for a reason and so does every other friend she meets along the way regardless of their differences. I also added some of the books she already had that had a general theme of love, romantic stories from history, or floral themes to balance out the heavier topics.

— from left to right top to bottom —

Bloom - this is the beautiful story of fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli who didn’t even fit into her own family. She defies society’s narrow view of who she should be and blossoms into the incredible and quirky designer we know today.

Olivia and the Fairy Princesses - when I first saw this book I was like ugh princesses. But knowing Olivia (the pig) there had to be a twist. This book is so funny and so anti your typical pink fluffy princess, and I just love the message of being an independent person rather than someone’s princess.

How Do I Love Thee? - this is such a beautifully illustrated version of Elizabeth Barrett Brownings Sonnet 43 explaining the many ways one can love another.

Spot Loves His Daddy - this is just a simple and sweet story where spot gets to spend the day with his daddy

Paris - this is a fun book of shapes that can be found all over the most romantic city in the world: Paris!

Romeo + Juliet - how could I not include this classic? Don’t worry, this is just a counting book without the depressing ending your little one probably isn’t ready for.

Pantone: Red - this is from the Pantone Box of Color and includes a bunch of cut outs of things that are red.

In My Heart - this is such a fun book about the different emotions your heart can feel. Each page reveals a new cut out heart that gets smaller and smaller as the pages turn.

Dragons Love Tacos - this book is hilarious especially if you’re a taco lover. Obviously there are many things in the world that people (and dragons) love and tacos shouldn’t be excluded on this holiday.

She Persisted - this is such a beautifully written book highlighting 13 different women throughout history who persisted even when the world was against them. From Hellen Keller to Oprah. So well done.

Guess How Much I Love You - this is an oldie but goodie, where little nutbrown hare continues to find ways to show big nutbrown hare just how much he loves him.

Spot Loves His Mommy - just like the other version, this is a sweet story of spot enjoying a special day with his mommy.

Counting With Frida - Frida Kahlo’s life and art have such an intense love story and I just had to include this even though it’s just a counting book haha. Also it’s bilingual

Max and Tallulah - this is such a sweet story of Max the zebra who keeps trying to impress Tallulah by acting a certain way or doing different things, when in the end Tallulah loves Max just the way he is.

Pride & Prejudice - another literary classic that I had to include. This is another counting book.

Gaston - this is such a sweet story of two puppies who were switched a birth. While they made not look like (or act like) they belong in their families, they love them just the same. Also the French theme felt Valentines-y to me.

You Belong Here - this is by far my favorite book on this list. I bought this for Olivia for her first birthday and it just melts my heart. It’s such an incredibly written story about how everything in the world has a place and belongs to something or somewhere, and how your child is no different. Also I’m a sucker for gorgeous illustrations and this does not disappoint.

Coco Chanel - I’m obsessed with this series, and added this one for it’s French theme for the fact that Coco Chanel is the reason women stopped wearing corsets. Did you know that? Thank. You. Coco. I seriously buy these books for every little girl in my life.

Fairy Friends Counting - I included this one for it’s floral theme. This whole series is so beautiful with it’s pressed flowers and greenery.

Mama and Dada - Okay Jimmy Fallon your children’s book side hustle was a slam dunk. I love how sweet and simple these books are, and let’s face it. Olivia’s first word was mama, but dada was a close second thanks to these books.

Fairy Friends Colors - another beautiful book from this collection. Seriously just get all of them.

It’s not too late to order these by Valentine’s Day if you’re looking for a non sugary gift for your little one. Also, if you are looking for other baby or kids books to add to your collection:

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